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MK + Von

The funky alter ego version of ourselves. Aren’t we colorful?


And now for the real bios….


Meet MK Vernon

Hey mamas! I’m MK, lover of reading, writing, personal development, exercising, naps, and financial independence. Give me a money spreadsheet and I can get lost in it for hours. The irony is that I used to hate saving and only liked spending.

I’m also a mom to three amazing, loud, beautiful kiddos. My introverted nature is left reeling sometimes, but mandatory afternoon quiet time is the best thing ever.

Here’s my story. I left my corporate marketing career when my first daughter was born in 2011. By the time my second daughter was born in 2013, I started to get the itch to work again, only this time doing a career that felt meaningful. I love my babies but I started to feel like there was something more for me than just being Mom. I just didn’t know exactly what yet. At the time I was focused on “getting my body back,” so I took a serious interest in health and wellness. After my son was born in 2016, I became certified as a personal trainer, helping other moms feel empowered and confident. I loved the health benefits and community with other moms, but something was missing for me. I realized that there were other areas of interest that were dying to come out.  Trying to blend meditation and personal finance into a workout didn’t seem like the right answer, yet I knew mamas needed these self-care messages too.

When Yvonne and I began talking more seriously about MPL, we also discovered how much we both love learning and personal growth.  And we knew other moms must feel the same way. That was the perfect answer for me.  A business that would allow constant growth and learning and a big focus on self-care. I’ve since realized that constant growth, learning, and overcoming challenges are what allow me to thrive as a human being beyond the role of Mom.  Challenges… there are always so many! Yet, when I can overcome an obstacle, or feed an area of my life that needs serious love, I feel confident as a result. And that also helps me thrive as a mom.

This is exactly what I want to help other moms do. When we stop and take the time to show self-care to our minds and hearts — not just our nails, hair, skin, or wardrobe — we begin to feel more balanced and more empowered. And just like with everything else in life, the more consistently we practice mental self-care, the better we can hear the whispers of wisdom in our own lives.


Meet Yvonne Wallace (aka Von)

Hey, Von here! I have a multi passionate personality type and I love to learn and teach others. I live in Washington DC and you can usually find me zipping around the city in search of amazing home-school classes for my daughter or teaching business and personal finance to elementary school children. I’m a huge fan of creating systems and simplicity.

And just to keep things simple… here are 8 fun facts about me!

For inquiries, please shoot us a note at mompoweredlife at gmail. Thanks!



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