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Five Ways To Handle Life When You Feel Pulled In 1,000 Directions

September 14, 2018

Moms are not just moms. Some of us have careers in addition to raising children, some of us are building new careers, and some of us have committed ourselves to the career of child rearing. But the word mother is not the only way to define us. In addition to being moms, we are professionals, we are managers of households, we are nurses to our…

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Why Moms Should Add A Yoga Practice To Their Life

September 11, 2018

No matter where we are on our exercise journey or where we are in life, yoga can meet us in the middle. Some of us may be intimidated by all of the pretzel poses, Sanskrit terminology, and advanced level students. But that isn’t yoga. Yoga is a feeling of rejuvenation. It’s about coming back to your body and into your mind for one calming, restorative…

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How To Boost Your Happiness In 10 Minutes Or Less

September 6, 2018

Any mamas feeling a little crazy from the start of the school year? There’s a lot of prepping, rushing, backpack checking, and lunch packing to be done. Getting back into the swing of a schedule is brutal for some of us. We go from unstructured summer play to “get up, get fed, get dressed, get out of the door by this time” insanity. Sometimes it…

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State Of The Business: Sept 2018

September 2, 2018

Well, it’s official. Mompowered Life has launched! While we are definitely in our infancy as a business, Yvonne and I are so excited about what the future holds for us. And for you, too! We thought it would be fun to start a State Of The Business report to document our journey… our trials, our triumphs, things we are working on, and things we are…

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Understanding Who We Are At Our Core

August 31, 2018

by Yvonne Wallace We all play different roles in life. Mother. Daughter. Friend. Sister. Breadwinner. Caretaker. Volunteer. Cool and collected. Overwhelmed mom. Sometimes we need to play multiple roles at once, especially when out in public with our kids or at a family gathering. But the real question is, who are we at our core? Do you know who you are? Do you even want…

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CFO Your Life

August 28, 2018

By MK Vernon Dear Mama, Do you ever have visions of running the financial show in your house? It doesn’t matter if you work full-time, part-time, or stay at home and care for the kiddos. Each situation can allow us to be CFO of our household finances. Just to be clear, I’m not suggesting that you cut your partner out of the conversation. It’s important…

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You Are Who You Befriend

August 25, 2018

By Yvonne Wallace Did you know that the people you surround yourself with can determine your mood? Let’s think about this a little bit more. What if we’re surrounded by people who talk about their problems over and over again? They complain 95% of the time, kind of like emotional vampires – sucking out your positive energy until you feel drained. Or maybe you surround yourself…

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Does Media Influence Your Self-Worth?

August 23, 2018

by MK Vernon It’s so easy to get sucked into the image trap. On social media we are constantly bombarded by pictures of perfect family photos, everyone’s most flattering profile picture, loving messages to spouses, homemade kids crafts and perfect lessons plans. It’s the highlight reel of our friends’ and acquaintances’ lives. It’s easy to start feeling down about yourself if you are constantly subjected…

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Hello Mamas!

August 21, 2018

by MK Vernon This first article has been many months, and really years, in the making. Yvonne and I first met a few years ago in the hip Clarendon area of Arlington, VA and let me tell you –she was like something out of the cool show. This mama was rocking the most amazing hair I had ever seen and I could tell she was…

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