Mom Powered Life: Side Hustle Workbook for Moms

Side Hustle Workbook for Moms

Hey beautiful stay-at-home mama, are you ready to start making some money with a side hustle?

Imagine that you not only had a step-by-step workbook to follow, but also had a mentor who hops on a call with you once a month for guidance and feedback.

…would you finally start bringing extra income into your life?

Inside the Side Hustle for Mamas Workbook, I’ll guide you through:

  • Managing your time so you can reap a profit, get a full night’s sleep, and still be an amazing mother.

  • Learning the different options for side hustles, whether or not you have any experience, degrees, or training! (Hint: you can start from scratch as a newbie, or leverage your existing skills.)

  • Creating your step-by-step roadmap to get started!


  • The Side Hustle Workbook for Moms in digital format (downloadable PDF)

  • Monthly coaching – sit down with me for 1 hour per month and ask me ANYTHING about managing, growing, or sustaining your side hustle! (Most coaches charge $250 for 1 session)


$200 Just $39!!

(One time purchase)

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The Moms behind the Side Hustle Workbook

We’re Yvonne + MK, two moms who have worked with multiple “side hustles” over the years. We are passionate about bringing in extra cash with low-cost side hustles and we want to teach you how to do the same for yourself (save up for that vacation or pad your emergency bank account!)

We have made thousands of dollars doing side hustles, including:

  • Fashion week NYC in Bryant Park
  • Doing surveys
  • Making baby signs
  • Delivery services
  • Being a virtual assistant for agencies (you can do this completely from home!)
  • Pinterest work (yes, you can make money from Pinterest!)
  • Coaching people like you to make a few extra bucks with a side hustle
  • Fitness bootcamp for moms

Starting a side hustle can be so intimidating without a mentor and support system guiding you along the way… that’s why we created the Side Hustle Workbook for Mamas and coaching program – to help YOU get started.

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Will this work for me?

 Yes! If you are putting in the work, we’ll help you get to the next level. And you won’t be alone in this! Take advantage of our bonus of FREE monthly coaching calls for the guidance and support you need on your journey.
This is an easy roadmap to follow, with the accountability to keep you on track, and coaching to give you confidence to keep moving forward.
After you purchase and download the workbook, you’ll be sent a link each month with the coaching schedule.

Don’t wait! Get started TODAY!


Now’s the time to create your own side hustle, and start earning income. We’re here to help you along the way.

Get your step-by-step workbook to guide you & access to FREE monthly coaching calls!

Just $39 

($200 value)

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