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Family Road Trips – Travel Kit

July 21, 2020

Summer Road Trips with the Family: Why Your Kids Need a Travel Kit   Family trips are a wonderful way to bond with your kids. However, between school and work, few hours are left for quality time. A road trip gives the entire family the chance to disconnect from that fast-paced world and focus on getting to know and understand each other better. This year…

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Family Budgeting During and After Coronavirus

June 30, 2020

Family Budgeting During and After Coronavirus It goes without saying that budgeting isn’t always the most fun activity. I get it. It’s not fun figuring out how much you have to spend on necessities, and then even less fun realizing how much less you have to spend on your wants! We often associate having a budget with lacking the resources to live as we please,…

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Kids Birthday Party During Social Distancing

May 30, 2020

Kids Birthday Party During Social Distancing   As May starts, the United States has over a half million individuals diagnosed with COVID-19. Many people continue to practice social distancing to slow the spread of this deadly virus. These trying times are especially difficult for children, many of whom have spent months out of school with few, if any, play-dates or after-school activities. When dealing with…

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Meditation During Self-Distancing

April 30, 2020

Meditation During Self-Distancing Who’s ready for a calmer mind and less anxiety? Yes, me too…sign me up! I have to admit that I tried meditation over the years, but nothing worked long term except this one technique. I always felt like I should feel differently afterwards, calmer, more at peace. And then it felt like a chore, another thing to add to the perpetual “must…

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Create Your Abundant Money Mindset

August 30, 2019

Having an abundant money mindset can help you feel better about your money. Do you feel guilty as you watch money leave your bank account? Maybe you find yourself making more money but still spending it too quickly. I hear you. Money fears and scarcity is something that caused me anxiety for a long time. I’m obsessed with research, though, and I wanted to understand why…

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Travel Hacking: Ultimate Guide to Credit Card Rewards

August 10, 2019

When I used to teach people how to start travel hacking, some of the most common questions I received from my clients were, “How do I get started in travel hacking?” and “What is a simple way to do so?”  Here’s the ultimate guide to using credit card rewards so you can travel on the cheap. Living in America can be super expensive. And then…

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Travel Hacking: 6 Expensive Mistakes When Booking Hotels That You’re Making

July 25, 2019

When it comes to getting ready to travel, having the perfect hotel room is key.  You want enough space for your family but do not want to spend all of your savings on the room.  There are a few common mistakes that people tend to make when they’re booking their hotel room. Today, we’ll go over how you can plan for your family trips by…

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Travel Hacking: What is Travel Hacking (And Tips for Busy Moms)

July 5, 2019

One of my favorite methods to save money has always been travel hacking, and I’m certain you’ve seen me mention it before here and there.  At this point, you may be wondering – what the heck is travel hacking, anyway? Travel hacking is the perfect method for getting you the dream trip you’ve been dreaming of with little to no effort at all.   Through…

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Myths of the Side Hustle

June 24, 2019

The reason that most moms get paralyzed and quit before even starting a side hustle is because of mindset myths that hold them back. Mom Powered Life is a personal side hustle of two moms. I won’t pretend that this wasn’t scary to start, but once we got over the initial fears, it became easier to show up and work on the side hustle. But…

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How to Get Fit as a Busy Mom (In 4 Easy Steps!)

June 5, 2019

Your family just booked a summer beach vacation – yay! BUT, you are secretly freaking out. Swimsuits, lots of skin, things that are jigglier than usual. Yikes. For many moms, our bodies look different after having kids. Hello, stretch marks and saggy bits. The great news is that these things are mostly in our head. But we still want to feel confident when we strip…

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