Abundance Mindset: Digging Deeper Exercises

Abundance Mindset: Digging Deeper Exercises

February 26, 2019


In Part 1 of our abundance mindset series, we discussed daily practices to help you build a more positive, grateful outlook. Today we are going to go beyond daily practice and focus on supplemental exercises. Sometimes a mama just needs to dig deeper because the daily practice isn’t enough. Or perhaps you just need more. Whatever the reason, it’s all good stuff!

The following exercises are designed for those who want to take their abundance mindset practice to the next level. If you have not read our first article on building a daily practice, we suggest you start there.

Dig Deeper Abundance Mindset Exercises:

Exercise #1: Create A Positive Outcome For Your Fears.

Instead of keeping our fears on autoloop in our heads, it’s important to write them down. Additionally we can challenge those fears by writing our worst case scenario followed by writing out a positive outcome. From there, we train our minds to focus on the positive outcomes. This way we don’t live in a perpetual state of anxiety and glum. Here is an example of how to perform this exercise with a few common fears:

Fear Negative Outcome Positive Outcome
I will never make enough money I will struggle and feel deprived compared to peers; my self-esteem will suffer With consistent effort and focus I will reach my income goals
My child will not test in to the gifted program By not being in the gifted program, he/she will miss out on academic challenges The school system provides my child with a wonderful education. My child has parental support at home as well. He/she will  go to college if they desire to. It is most important that my child be a good citizen and find passions, fulfillment and purpose in life than be the brightest. There is a path for everyone, including my child.
I am not as attractive as I once was as I age I will look frumpy as I grow older and feel as though I am deteriorating Everyone ages. By maintaining my health and fitness I will age beautifully and with grace. Whenever I want to feel extra special, styling my hair, a cute outfit, a shower, and a touch of make-up goes a long way.

Tip: Create three columns on a sheet of paper. List your fears and create both negative and positive outcomes. When you are done, fold the paper so that your fears are on one side and your positive outcomes are next to them. When you encounter a fear again, refer to your sheet and repeat the positive outcome. Or try making a table in a digital document spreadsheet. Then hide the negative outcome column so that you only see the positive outcome.

Exercise #2: Compare Yourself To Yourself To Cultivate An Abundance Mindset. Not To Others.

Instead of comparing your house to someone else’s, your income to a friend’s, or your child’s academic progress to one of their classmates, compare your current situation to that of your past. Notice the progress in your own life. Ask yourself, am I doing my best?

MK here, with a real life example of my own. One of my weaknesses is beautiful houses. I’m a southern girl who grew up in a single family home with a nice, green backyard. As an adult, I struggle at times with living in a townhome in an urban area with no yard and lots of street traffic. Sometimes I find myself comparing my living situation to that of other peers. Naturally, I get frustrated when I focus on what they have in comparison to what I have. However, if I focus on my own personal progression, it is quite amazing. Here a few details of that progression:

  1. For many years I owned no home and was supported by my parents
  2. The first housing I paid for without help was a 1 bedroom apartment in NC.
  3. From there, my husband and I jointly paid for a 320 sq ft studio apartment in NYC. That was “interesting” for two people… enough said. But we were living it up in NYC, a very cool city.
  4. From there we moved to a 500 sq ft, 5th floor walk-up, 1 bedroom apartment. Laundry was in the basement. We did not do laundry often for that very reason.
  5. When we learned our first daughter was on the way, we progressed to a 550 sq ft, 1-bedroom apartment in an elevator, doorman building. With the upgrades we also acquired a gorgeous view of a brick wall. You know, trade-offs.
  6. When our daughter was close to one and we moved to the DC suburbs, the cost of living went down. We were able to rent a 2-bedroom apartment in an elevator, doorman building with a view of a dog park and easy metro access. This was fancy living for us! The only thing we lacked was an outdoor space and more bedrooms for our future kids.
  7. When I was pregnant with our second daughter we finally saved enough money to be able to make our first home purchase without any parental help – a three bedroom townhome with a patio! Our townhome has plenty of space for our family of five, our immediate neighborhood has many young children for my kids to play with, a common green lawn, and we are in the public school district we desired. Yes, there are sacrifices to be made… everything is vertical for one and we can hear our neighbors’ thumping bass at times, but it is amazing progress compared to the studio my husband and I started in. Instead of coveting those 4,500+ brand new single family homes that go for $1.3+ million in my area, I am focusing on being grateful for the progress my husband and I have made as a couple and the wonderful community of neighbors we have gained by living in a close-knit setting.

Now it’s your turn to take an area of your life where you often compare yourself to others and instead work on comparing yourself to your own progress over the years. What do you see?

Exercise #3: Wish Others Happiness.

This is probably the most difficult of all the exercises. But when a friend or an acquaintance receives an accolade, reward, or success, instead of seething with jealousy or comparing ourselves to them and wondering why we are lacking, can we instead wish them genuine happiness and peace? Can we celebrate their accomplishment in our own hearts?

Let’s say a friend receives a promotion that will significantly increase her family’s income. Instead of focusing on how we will fall behind financially and will never be able to keep up with her lifestyle, can we instead, pause? Can we sit with our emotions for a moment and be curious about them? Can we ultimately shift our thoughts from scarcity to an abundance mindset by saying aloud, “I wish (person’s name) happiness. I wish (person’s name) joy. I celebrate alongside (person’s name) and am grateful for her/his success.”

Take some time in the morning, night, or at naptime to test out some of these exercises. What patterns do you see? Are they effective at helping you focus on the beauty and joy in your own life? We would love to hear from you, so let us know!


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