Abundance Mindset: How You Can Start Building Yours

Abundance Mindset: How You Can Start Building Yours

February 8, 2019

abundance mindset


What if you rarely compared yourself to others? What if you always felt like you were enough? What if envy never showed up in your encounters? My intention for 2019 is to snap out of a scarcity mentality and start living with an abundance mindset.

But what does having an abundance mindset look like and how do you know if you’re operating in scarcity?

When I decided to set my gaze on inviting an abundance mindset into my life I knew I wanted more positivity, more gratitude, and more peace and freedom in my life. I wanted to stop feeling jealous of friends who were further along professionally and financially. I wanted to stop feeling like my house was never good enough. I wanted to stop believing that I didn’t have enough and that I wasn’t good enough. I wanted to take that thinking and turn it upside down. To instead focus on the gifts I had been given and to focus on my strengths. I wanted to stop operating from a place of lack and start operating from a place of plenty. I wanted to be the person in the tiny house who says, “I have many blessings to be grateful for,” and not the person in the big house who says, “I need a remodeled kitchen and a luxury SUV because I still don’t have enough compared to so and so.” When we are able to shift our thinking from all that we don’t have to all that we do, we are able to invite abundance into our lives and make peace with ourselves. But this shift is not simple. In fact, for some of us it is incredibly hard! It is also not a one and done project. Just like any muscle we want to strengthen, building our abundance mindset consists of daily practices to keep us strong.

How To Build Your Own Abundance Mindset

Daily practice is definitely the key. Without it, we slip back into our old habits and quickly forget the progress we have made. Start by adopting one of these daily practices. I am including three ideas. Choose the one that resonates best with you. If you need extra fortification from envy, feelings of lack, and comparison add another practice to your daily routine. For some of us, we may need to practice all three daily. And that, beautiful mamas, is a-okay! We will know we’ve hit our sweet spot when we no longer focus on the lack and instead feel great peace and gratitude in our lives.

Simple Daily Practices:

1. Practice #1: Morning Gratitude Journaling.

Every morning soon after you wake up, spend 5-10 minutes reflecting on everything you are grateful for. Aim for at least 10 items. This forces you to dig deep and makes you more likely to remember your items throughout the day. Your list may include things as simple as having heat or air condition in your home. Or you may include bigger picture items like your job, family and health.

2. Develop Abundance Mindset Affirmations.

Create your own special list of five affirmations that invite abundance into your life and resonate deeply with you. I like to keep my list on a notepad on my phone and reference it throughout the day when I need extra support. Examples of abundance affirmations include:

-Abundance is my birthright

-I deserve the gifts in my life

-I deserve to receive gifts of abundance in my life

-I live an abundant, beautiful life

-I am enough

-My home is enough

-My family’s income is enough

-My dreams are coming true (Add your own dreams that have come true here. Examples could be: a partner or spouse, children, owning a home, a job, good health, financial security a personal achievement.)

-I am a magnet for abundance

-I have had much fortune in my life

-I have often thought how lucky I am

-I attract good fortune

-I deserve good fortune

-Gratitude is the life force of everything

-I celebrate others successes

Some of these affirmations may be triggers or difficult for you to believe at first. That’s okay and completely normal. Be curious about that. Ask yourself why they may feel difficult. Start with the affirmations that feel most comfortable, then gradually consider adding in an affirmation that challenges you to see if it feels more believable with regular practice. You are enough dear mama, but I can’t just say it. You also have to believe it deeply yourself.

3. Find Examples Of Abundance From Your Day.

At the end of the day, reflect. Write down examples of abundance from your day. Even if you had a rough day, work hard to find the positive. Maybe someone gave you a compliment, or a neighbor brought you a gift. Perhaps you had a meaningful conversation or your child gave you a hug. Maybe your spouse or partner helped you with a chore. Whatever it is, write it down and then re-read all of the abundance that happened that day. This is one of my favorite activities because it allows me to reflect and find simple signs of abundance in my daily life.

The purpose of these daily practices is to retrain our brains. When we find ourselves in a negativity spiral, we will be better able to recognize and stop the process before it gets out of hand. And eventually, the majority of our thoughts will be positive and grateful.

Wishing you much to be grateful for!


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