Create Your Abundant Money Mindset

Create Your Abundant Money Mindset

August 30, 2019

Having an abundant money mindset can help you feel better about your money.

Do you feel guilty as you watch money leave your bank account?

Maybe you find yourself making more money but still spending it too quickly.

I hear you. Money fears and scarcity is something that caused me anxiety for a long time.

I’m obsessed with research, though, and I wanted to understand why my body was reacting this way to money.

This brought me to understanding Abundant Money Mindset (which has nothing to do with how much money you make).

Abundant Mindset vs. Scarcity Mindset

Let’s break this down a bit.

There are two roads you can choose – One filled with abundance and the other filled with scarcity.

Keep in mind: the one you choose to believe is the one your kids can believe (at least, while they’re young).

Your children will mirror your mindset about money. Be sure that you teach them an abundant mindset and provide a good example.

If you choose the path of scarcity (which I, unfortunately, did for a long time) you will see money disappearing as quickly as it came into your life.

But if you choose the path of abundance, you’ll notices that things will just show up in your life and leave you feeling wonderful. “I can’t believe this wonderful this just happened!”

“You never get beyond scarcity, you have to start beyond it”
– Tony Robbins

Look into your past and analyze it

Let me give you an example of when I looked into my own past.

When I was in my early 20’s, I just graduated from college and was living in an apartment in Hoboken (right outside of NYC in Jersey).

I made about $39,000/year which may seem like nothing for such a high-cost living area.

However, during one year of working at this job, I managed to save a total of $10,000.

As a result, I started asking myself how I could save this much money on a fairly low wage. I started digging.

The answer: It was all about Abundant Mindset.

Even though I was making a seemingly low income, I was able to save a fairly high amount of money ($10,000 is a lot in your early 20’s – I mean, $10,000 is a lot now, right?) because my mindset was different.

I believed that it was easy to make more money.

I also believed that I didn’t really need much to live.

The leftover money from my bills was spent on savings and donating.

Abundant Mindset Patterns

As I continued to analyze my past, I found other patterns that help me build an abundance mindset.

Knowing I could ask for help

I asked myself who would help me. I knew my parents, best friends, and other friends would have. While I would never ask for a handout, the knowing that I would be taken care of if push came to shove, put my mind at ease. I would have a couch to sleep on. I could eat meals at each person’s house for a week if I didn’t have food.

Carrying $50 or $100 bills

Carry large bills in your wallet or where you will see them often to help create an abundant mindset

I started carrying larger bills in my wallet. This made me feel like I had money and I’d feel “accomplished.” Why do you think some restaurants frame money from their first customer? It’s all about mindset!

Changing how I spoke about money

I used neutral language. Instead of “I owe” or “I can’t afford” I’d say switch up my verbiage. For example, if I wanted a nice coat, I would say, “This is nice” and just go on Craigslist or do a side gig (like taking paid surveys) to get extra money. I didn’t think that I couldn’t afford it. I believed that I could get the coat if I just found some money out there.

Paying it forward when I could

I believed that if I showed up to help others, I would always be taken care of.

I looked for multiple ways to volunteer at charities. The more you give, the more happiness comes your way.

I would plan events and fundraisers with NYC based charities in my spare time.

Every week, I felt like I had a purpose to do good and someone in the world would be a little better because of this small part I’m playing.

This is also a reminder to be humble because people are doing the best they can. Sometimes life throws you crap and you need help.

Falling into a scarcity mindset

I talked about how I managed to save $10,000 in my early twenties.

Then, life happened.

I got married, moved multiple states over, had a kid, and I let go of the abundance mindset.

Everything got darker and I kept putting things off.

I’ll do it next month… next year… sound familiar?

I would donate some money and move on with my life. There were no real intentions behind it but it just felt like something I was supposed to do.

For me, I need to feel connected mentally and financially.

Thankfully, these past few years have been a game-changer.

I volunteer with my daughter (and sometimes alone).

I’m also donating a lot more.

For my birthday, my husband donated to Charity Water and skipped the tangible gift.

In my mind, I now KNOW someone will have clean water in the world because I had a birthday! #abundancemindset

Changes you can make towards a more abundant mindset

Over the past two years, I realized I needed to up my abundance game.

I felt like money was just leaking through and I couldn’t catch a break.

Whether it was replacing every. single. appliance in the house or racking up health bills ($12,000 in a single year), I felt helpless.

As a result, self-pity started to creep in and I kept asking myself, “Why me?”

“I’m not a bad person…”

I realized that I needed help and I needed it FAST.

There no reason how I could save $10,000 on a lower salary but not now.

Mindset was the first step.

Practicing gratitude for an abundant mindset

A little gratitude goes a long way. So, I started saying “thank you” while paying my bills.

For a few years, I had a ton of anxiety over bills, especially when they arrived.

I kept thinking, “Ugh, what is this next thing we have to pay for?!”

(Don’t do this, by the way, it will only make it worse).

Now, I say “thank you” for having the money to pay someone who works for the company and they’ll be able to feed their family since I paid my electric bill. I also pay my bills with a special pen and if I feel anxiety coming on. I use oils to help me calm down. All of these tools lower my anxiety and put me in a better mindset.

It’s amazing to see a bill – wait, hear me out!

I’m not happy to see most bills but bills are a reminder that you are an adult. You are responsible for another human being.

That’s amazing.

I learned this technique from a book I read a few years ago. The author said that any time something happens, whether it’s good or bad, say “That’s amazing,” first. The reason behind this is because (and I’m just paraphrasing here) she believes everything happens for a reason.

So, change your mind to accept whatever good comes from the event. For example, bills.

You need bills. It pays for your electricity. Your internet. Your refrigerator to store your food. All these things add up.

Money is fluid and constantly moving

Money has energy. It flows in and it flows out.

You will buy things. You will make more money. The cycle repeats.

I’m still a work in progress but I’ve seen abundance show up repeatedly over the last year.

I wanted to find a job that aligned with something I believed so I volunteered, prayed, researched and hoped that something would show up. Oh, this needed to be something I could do from home 80% of the time. Am I asking for too much?

One day, a friend sent me a listing on her neighborhood board saying, “Look! There’s a company doing what you already do at home with your daughter and other kids – they’re teaching kids about money!”

(Side note: I LOVE planning lessons for kids and my friends’ kids. It’s my JAM!)

I applied even though I wasn’t in the area (it was 40 minutes away) and they didn’t say they were hiring. It was just a marketing listing for parents to enroll their kids in after school programs.

But then I received a call, interviewed, and took a part-time job teaching kids about financial literacy. This was at a school only ten minutes away from my house.

Amazing, right?

There was still work as a virtual assistant, so this was something to get me out of the house a few times per week.

Changing your mindset can change your life

I wanted to do more, but I kept that in the back of my head. I was vocal about what I was trying to do and people would let me know if they found more opportunities. There were interviews with work from home staffing agencies, applications for jobs, and conversations about what I was wanting.

It was important to have local co-workers that I could see once a month and talked on the phone with at least once a week.

After a year, I was offered a position in Human Resources (my background!) for the same company and I could work from home 90% of the time!

Now, I can find MORE instructors to teach MORE kids about financial literacy.

I feel like thousands of kids in the DC area would be better with money if I just show up and do my job of finding amazing, qualified instructors for them.

Getting paid for this is just a bonus.

I had no idea where this would lead me but I kept showing up and hoping. Sometimes, you don’t see results right away but don’t give up! Go deeper. Explore.

Be proactive, not reactive!

Making an abundant mindset work for YOU

Here are a couple of things you can do TODAY to kickstart your abundant mindset.

Good luck on your journey to a more abundant mindset!


Interested in more about how my money mindset began and turned around?

Read Money Chats: Money Mindsets for Moms

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