Back To Work After Kids: What Job Is Best For You?

Back To Work After Kids: What Job Is Best For You?

November 8, 2018
back to work after kids

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Do you ever come across that mom who seems to have it all together? She’s perfectly groomed, has a fulfilling profession beyond motherhood, and has a close relationship with her kids and spouse. She’s smart, savvy, and efficient. While she certainly exists, we guarantee she didn’t get there overnight. And she definitely has her fair share of insane days. Becoming the vision you want to be – whether that includes a career or not, is a process. It requires a lot of learning, trial and error, and time. And a lot of tapping into your own unique gifts and strengths. Our goal is to help those of you with professional ambitions jump on a slightly faster track. But before we can get to the fast(er) track, we have to slow down and get seriously introspective.

In our recent article on when it’s time to make money, we encouraged you to focus on your why. Why are you searching for a job right now? Is it for money? Is it because you need a professional outlet for your sanity? Is it because you need to feel in control of your life? What is your why? In that same article, we also suggested considering your values, personal strengths, and childcare logistics to make sure job options were well-suited for your needs. Our job brainstorming worksheet is a great way to keep track of your thoughts.

Today, we want to take things a step further and dive deeper into job considerations. Again, this requires some introspection.

Out Of The Home vs. At-Home Jobs: Are you someone who would prefer to work outside of the home? Do you need to be around others to thrive? If you enjoy more solitary work at home, do you have a quiet space and dedicated time during the day to get things done?

Full-Time vs. Part-Time: Are you looking for a full salary and benefits with full-time hours to go along with it or are you open to more schedule flexibility, while still bringing in a consistent income? Some part-time positions even offer benefits.

Traditional Company vs. Freelance vs. Entrepreneurship: Are you someone who prefers working in a traditional role with a respected company? This would offer a consistent income and less fluctuation. Or, would you be open to working as a contractor or freelancer? In this case your work would be available as needed but it might allow you to work on a greater variety of projects. On the other side, are you someone who prefers complete autonomy over her work and likes to build and grow things? If so, entrepreneurship might be the answer for you. The income may be inconsistent and non-existent at times, but it would allow you the opportunity to build a business according to your vision and learn a ton as you go.

Depending on your interests and answers, we wanted to share a couple jobs we have both enjoyed. They might also be a great fit for you.

Virtual Assistantback to work after kids

money mindsetVon Says…

If you’ve ever held an office administrative job then virtual assistant work can be a great way to jump back into the workforce after kids. Virtual assistants (VA for short) help both small businesses and large companies while also allowing you to work in the comfort of your own home. Much of the time traditional VA work requires that you have your own phone, computer, and quiet space with no noise and set hours but there are other types of virtual assistant work as well. For example, being a Pinterest virtual assistant.

I have done both the traditional VA path where you had to be by your computer and phone for 6-8 hours a day and it was tough while being a parent. I also took a course on becoming a Pinterest VA and it was definitely a game changer. You can do it when the kids are asleep or any time of day. Your clients are super flexible because they don’t have to be on the phone with you and once you know what you are doing, you can set up systems that work for you and your client. You get paid by the project and NOT hourly which means that you will know your income ahead of time. That’s a bonus in the VA world. For example, if you want $1000 extra a month, you know that you need 2-3 clients to reach this goal. The course teaches you where to find clients AND the course’s private group has a weekly job list for you to apply to! Win-win! So if you are interested in having a super flexible and rewarding job, then I definitely recommend the Pinterest Virtual Assistant Course. If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to share more about my experience with you if you leave a comment below.

Fitness Coach

money mindsetMK Says…

After a traditional corporate marketing career, I knew my first job after kids was going to be non-traditional. I no longer wanted to sit at a desk all day and I wanted to be able to stay healthy while working. The great thing about choosing to become a fitness coach (more specifically a personal trainer) was that I had the option to work for a gym or I could start my own small business. I chose the latter for greater flexibility. I made my own hours, training small groups of moms in the early morning hours and worked with one-on-one clients in the comfort of their own homes when my kids were in preschool. It allowed me to help other moms feel confident, stay healthy, and was a fun way to socialize. When I asked around about certification the staff at my gym and other personal trainers told me the National Academy of Sports Medicine program was one of the most respected certifications. You can take the course at your own pace from home and add on an in-person seminar to get hands on practice. I did both and felt like I really aced the exam. Fitness is a big passion of mine so studying something I love was a lot of fun! Definitely check out the NASM site for more information on their programs.

How Many Hours Are You Able To Work Per Week?

As you continue to brainstorm your own job opportunities, remember to factor in how much time you will be able to realistically devote to work. If you’re someone who thrives under deadlines and multi-tasking then a job with a higher number of hours might be a great fit for you. But if you need less pressure while also raising children, then a job that requires fewer hours and greater flexibility would be a better fit.

Don’t Forget Childcare Logistics

Also, don’t forget to plan for childcare and back-up childcare. Making sure you have a back-up plan when your kids get sick or are out of school can help you feel like you’re in control and putting your best foot forward. Even if it means having your partner share the childcare burden with you when things fall through. That way you can focus on building your career, too. The last thing you want is to find a great job and constantly be stressed about childcare and what your boss will think if you have to cancel too many times.

Start Brainstorming

Now’s the time to start planning! No job is too silly. Think of any position that interests you. Even if you worry that you lack the skills, it is always possible to get proper training and work your way up to the next level. And many times, you are more qualified for a position than you think!

Please let us know if you have questions along this journey. We’ve been there too and would love to help you navigate the process.

Wishing you lots of luck and professional success in your job search!

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