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Distance Learning and Homeschool Coaching

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Homeschooling and Distance Learning Coaching

Homeschooling and distance learning used to be a choice. These days, more moms are considering one or both options, either out of necessity or because they don’t feel comfortable sending kids back to class amid our current health crisis.

If you are getting ready to dive into homeschooling or distance learning for the first time, there is definitely a bit of a curve before you hit your stride. I’m here to help with organization, curriculum, lessons, activities, and expert advice on how to succeed.

Whether you are homeschooling one child or creating a pod for several, I can help. I have homeschooled, created pods, and taught over 600 kids financial literacy in local schools. Let’s just say I love creating lesson plans. So let’s work together to design a plan that puts your kids at the head of the class!

Why distance learning or homeschooling coaching?

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Through one-on-one coaching, we offer moms a different way of looking at the things you do every day. You will leave the call with the tools needed to thrive and grow, and the resources to help your kids discover new interests, develop their aptitudes, and learn essential life skills.

Our monthly coaching plans are tailored to your needs and interests. Areas of expertise include financial literacy, entrepreneurship, time management, homeschooling, distance learning, and general education for your school-aged kids.

During each session, we will work together to create a Google Doc with all the resources and information you need. You will always have something tangible to take with you after the call.

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You will not be alone! 

Together, we will customize a plan that is designed to help you achieve these goals. As a result, you will learn how to get more time in your day, have more money in your pocket, and attain super-mom status with your kids and mom friends.

Our areas of expertise include:homeschooling distance learning coaching yvonne wallace

What’s Included:

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