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Transition Coaching

Yvonne Wallace Transition Coaching

Transition Coaching



Help identify your goals & receive support on your journey to achieve them.

Transition coaching looks different for everyone and I want to help you embrace it.

Sometimes, the choices you make in your everyday life are not aligned with your values. We’ll work together to fix that so you’re living a more grounded, organized, happy life.

I get it, right now you feel like there’s something bigger and, better in store for you, but you don’t know what. You should feel excited but no matter what you do, you feel uncomfortable and cannot explain why. You may feel depleted, grouchy, and you often snap at your kids, partner, friends.

You “should” be grateful that you have kids, you “should” be grateful that you have a “partner” but you are not. And that makes you feel guilty.You want something more yet you feel that you don’t have any more to give.

This is where we begin our work. We want you to be clear on what you want in life (your values, habits, identity, all the parts that make you, you).

The Transition

It’s hard to do this alone. I know that you might be wondering if this work for you and your situation. In the past, you might have read tons of self help books, signed up for personal development workshops, grilled your family and friends for some nuggets of advice, all to no avail. You followed tons of people online, looked for help by jumping from one parenting book or, relationship workshop to the next. Yet nothing worked. That’s because you need someone who has been down this road, and has been trained to coach you to success.

We’ll work together to create a new version of yourself that you are proud of and want to show the world. In the coaching world, we like to call this building a foundation. And a healthy foundation is the cornerstone for success.

No matter what you are interested in doing – whether you want to move across the country, get a better or higher paying job, start your own small business, or just know you’re ready for a change. I’m here for you. I can help you with any transitional period of your life.


How does the transition coaching process work?

A lot of the time, you get in your own head about your worthiness, negotiating a raise, or even asking for help around your house.  During our time together, we are going to unpack the mindset so that you build confidence and feel empowered. I created a framework for transition coaching that includes mindset, values, time, vision, career path, and reflection. It begins with mindset work and ends with you deciding your career path and reflection.

We are so busy with our everyday lives, sometimes it feels like we are on auto pilot just going through the motions. How often do you get to sit and dream about the life you are creating? The ones you have for yourself, your kids, your relationship? Do we want to go back to business as usual now with the changes in the world or do we want to create a new version of ourselves?

Often times we feel off balance because we are not living in line with our integrity. We are going through the motions and accepting other people’s motions of what’s expected of us. This is your opportunity to live a life more fulfilling; to create a life that is uniquely yours. You are giving yourself the time to create a plan that feels aligned with who you are.

I will be here to ask questions, research various options and opportunities, and will keep you on task. We are in a partnership and will work together to get you to where you want to be.

When do we meet?

We’ll meet twice a month on Zoom or Google Meet for 60 minutes. I get it… life happens and things come up. I want you to have enough time to implement everything we discuss and not feel rushed.

Can you chat with me in between?

If anything comes up in between our calls, you can send me a Voxer (a voice messaging app). If you need a pep talk or just have a question, I’m only a message away. So much of the work we do involves unpacking a lot of emotions and feelings and I want to make sure that you feel supported at all times.

Anything else I need to know?

We will also be co creating Google documents so you can refer back to these pages at anytime. So whether we are researching places to move, jobs to apply to, or a number of other topics, you will have lifetime access to this.

One more thing:

I know that in the past you have tried many things and it just didn’t work. Your goals all fell by the way side even though you had the best intentions.  I’m here to make sure this does not happen again. Accountability is built into the entire program so this will not happen. There is no falling behind with me. We will create a solid action plan that will hold you accountable but also get you excited about your dreams. This is why one on one coaching is so powerful, you get to experiment and take chances with someone who always has your back.

Remember, we are co-creating your life so if you aren’t willing to challenge yourself or take a few chances than this isn’t the best step for you. It’s your life, you know yourself the best, and you need to remember this!

   I want the coaching!

You will not be alone! 

My experience:


Yvonne Wallace - Von 1Past successes include helping clients get five figure raises at work by practicing negotiation skills and shifting their mindset to know they deserve it. Working with women who returned to the workforce after 5 year gaps from raising their child or taking care of a loved one. And many more who transitioned from being at home with their kiddos, to starting a side business and providing for their family while homeschooling.

Combining all my experiences (with lots of transitions of my own), I’ll help you on your journey. In addition, I am constantly learning, constantly challenging myself, and investing in personal development and business classes so I can bring the best possible version of myself to our sessions.

I am committed to your journey.

Let’s get started!

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