Family Road Trips – Travel Kit

Family Road Trips – Travel Kit

July 21, 2020

Summer Road Trips with the Family: Why Your Kids Need a Travel Kit

Three kids in a car on a road trip


Family trips are a wonderful way to bond with your kids. However, between school and work, few hours are left for quality time. A road trip gives the entire family the chance to disconnect from that fast-paced world and focus on getting to know and understand each other better. This year seems to be the year of the road trip here in America!

Whether it’s a road trip or a trip outside the country, vacations are always an opportunity for kids to learn and have fun. Kids are impressionable, so it is easy to get them interested in activities on trips. However, they also have notoriously short attention spans and can quickly become disillusioned during long periods of inactivity like mid-travel. Keeping them happy and engaged during these times is key to helping them enjoy their vacation.

Giving them a mobile phone or tablet is the easy way out. If you’re looking to be more active and hands-on with your kids, you should get something more engaging. This road trip fun kit was designed to help kids make the most of their vacations. It is tailor-made for elementary-aged kids with age-appropriate tasks.

One of the most significant things it helps you accomplish is reduced screen time for your children. Increased screen time has been found to be associated with poor eating habits and cognitive performances in kids. That aside, if they are stuck to their screens, they may end up not being fully engaged during the vacation.

Many of the activities within the book require your kids to be active and intelligently get them to record their activities during the trip.

It contains a number of educational games including:

The book also contains a road trip journal that encourages kids to document their experiences.

The journal asks questions like:

Perhaps, what is most important for moms is the re-usability of the kit. Once purchased, you can use the package again and again by simply reprinting it. This is essential for parents with multiple kids as they can use one kit for all of them.

You can click here to preview the kit and make a purchase.


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