Hello Mamas!

Hello Mamas!

August 21, 2018

by MK Vernon

This first article has been many months, and really years, in the making.

Yvonne and I first met a few years ago in the hip Clarendon area of Arlington, VA and let me tell you –she was like something out of the cool show. This mama was rocking the most amazing hair I had ever seen and I could tell she was someone who was completely comfortable with herself. She was in no way trying to fit society’s mold of who she ought to be. I was hooked.

We became friends quickly, bonding over various common interests and frequently sending each other personal development articles we thought the other might enjoy. One of our very first conversations was about money. Typically you don’t go there with someone you’ve just met, but I loved every second of it. I’d just discovered the FIRE world and I couldn’t wait to talk personal finance with a real life human being (other than my husband, of course).

We talked about life insurance, 401Ks, college savings, optimizing spending, how moms of four she knew in Texas kept their grocery bills low. We could have gone on forever, but time ran out and it was time to take our kids home.

The next time we met, she introduced me to Leo Babauta of Zen Habits. I couldn’t get enough of his approach to a simple, meaningful life. He encouraged regular actions (or habits) to create a quality existence. I absorbed as much as humanly possible.

Later, we decided that instead of our usual brunch we would do something different. We attended a live show put on by The Minimalists at Sixth and I in DC. If you haven’t heard of The Minimalists, they also promote a simple lifestyle filled with the things you value and love most.

As moms, we are all distracted and pulled in 1000 different directions. We often know what we want for our lives but it’s hard to remember or find those dreams buried beneath all of our obligations. Yvonne and I both get it. We live this life daily. But we feel compelled to help mamas like you dig out from the chaos and get back in touch with all the answers that are already within you.

The bloggers and teachers I mentioned above have greatly shaped our lives. We both love personal finance, wellness, and achieving a high quality life. These things we enjoy so dearly are already within us, but the influential people we discovered have helped us make these interests a reality. And the reality is that our quality of life has been enhanced because of it. Not perfect because neither of us believes perfection exists. But enhanced.

We want all moms to experience this enhancement and to uncover their most fulfilling life possible. While there is a lot of information out there about simple living, money, wellness, etc we haven’t found anything directed specifically at moms. We hear you and we know you want more than just articles on baby products, breastfeeding and diaper blowouts. Believe me, we need more too.

That’s why we’ve created Mompowered Life. A site devoted to moms who seek more. Consider this your home for personal growth and fulfillment. Consider us your best girl friends, navigating the journey of incredible life fulfillment right along with you.

We want you to believe in yourself. To believe that you are absolutely enough just the way you are. And to believe that you can do anything with the right guidance and community around you. Let’s thrive together as we connect all the dots.

Wishing us all happiness and fulfillment in this journey of motherhood.


MK and Yvonne


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