Kids Birthday Party During Social Distancing

Kids Birthday Party During Social Distancing

May 30, 2020

birthday party social distancing

Kids Birthday Party During Social Distancing


As May starts, the United States has over a half million individuals diagnosed with COVID-19. Many people continue to practice social distancing to slow the spread of this deadly virus. These trying times are especially difficult for children, many of whom have spent months out of school with few, if any, play-dates or after-school activities. When dealing with our own coronavirus-related financial and emotional issues, adults sometimes forget that kids can go a little stir-crazy too. If your little one has a birthday approaching, he or she might become anxious because they cannot have their friends and family attend. A kid’s birthday party during social distancing is a challenge but, in this article, we will explore a few ideas to still make the occasion fun and memorable.


Evaluate Your Child to Create the Perfect Birthday Party


Creating a kid’s birthday party during social distancing might seem impossible, but most kids are very resilient and willing to try different things. If you design the party to fit your child’s personality and interests, then you can still hit a home run and give your birthday boy or girl the party they deserve. You’ll want to evaluate your child to determine if they are shy or outgoing. If your little one is on the bashful side, then you can create a card collage. However, for more outgoing kids, a video montage might be the way to go. You can add individuals such as family and close friends, so everything stays doable and not overwhelming.


Ideas for a Birthday Party During Social Distancing


Yes, you might be sheltering at home but that doesn’t mean that you cannot have a celebration for your child! If your youngster likes to party, then go all out and have fun. It’s okay if it’s just you, dad, and siblings, or even just you and your child. You don’t need a large crowd to have a party. Plus, you can spread the fun using the technology of Zoom and virtual groups for anyone who cannot be physically present.


Disney Dress-Up


Kids love Disney. Whether your daughter dreams of being crowned a Disney princess, or your son enjoys pretending that he is flying on a magic carpet with Aladdin, they’ll have a blast dressing up as their favorite characters! Encourage your virtual guests to dress up too as their favorite characters too. You can play music and dance, or have a laidback gathering with story time. If you want to go a step further, the Vienna Singing Princesses will dress up as your child’s favorite Disney princess and add cheer to the entire event with one of their virtual princess parties.



Host a Bingo Party


Who doesn’t love a game of chance? Even kids can appreciate Bingo and even get hooked on the classic. Prior to the party, you’ll need to create cards and numbers. This is a great project for you to indulge in with your child. Get out the markers, colored pencils, and crayons to truly customize the project. You can play with guests online at Bingo Baker, and the website is also great resource for downloading printable bingo cards. Be sure to give it a try before the party so you know what to expect. You can give your child a prize every time they are able to shout out ‘Bingo!’


Virtual Camping Party


There’s nothing more magical than camping out beneath the stars. But even if you cannot host a backyard campout party, you can construct “pillow forts” using blankets and bedsheets. Light the room up with flashlights or lanterns to create real ambiance.


The Mad Science Birthday Party


This unique Mad Science Birthday Party is available in certain areas during these difficult COVID-19 times. In Washington D.C., they even drop off a goodie bag for the party! There is no contact required, and they will leave the goodie bag right on the guests’ doorsteps. They will send you a free Zoom link for the event that can host up to 40 virtual party guests. All you have to do is book the party online or via phone, send the Zoom link to all guests, then tune in and celebrate your child’s special day with friends and family using the magic of the internet. All the parties are live, and the birthday child has the opportunity to interact with the Mad Scientist!


An LA Party


In Los Angeles, you can choose to have a virtual party for up to 14 guests with Bold Kidz. They will host a virtual birthday party with singing, fun conversations, and games. You can even pick from themed virtual reality backgrounds.


If your child is shy, a simple virtual reality play date might be a better option. They offer interactive kid-friendly conversations, trivia, games, and even virtual dancing lessons! The play-date includes up to 12 kids and you pick between a boy or girl theme.


Scavenger Hunt


A scavenger hunt is a great option to keep your kids entertained for all occasions. At the end of the celebration, everyone has a chance to show what they found on Zoom. Be sure to create your scavenger items beforehand, and then let the fun begin!


Play Roblox


Chances are good that your child already plays Roblox or at least talks about it. The games are fun for all ages and a great way to bring friends together to have fun for the special birthday. You can choose from what seems like an endless supply of games.


To set up a Roblox party, you’ll need to create a VIP server. To do this, select the game of your choice, then click on the “Servers” tab. Select the “Create VIP Server” tab and name your server. Provide your name when prompted, then invite others using the link generated by the website.


Important: This will enroll you into a subscription, but you can cancel your subscription as soon the party is over. However, you might want to keep things the way they are so you can provide a private play space for your child for future use.


Have Fun Cooking


The Kids’ Table hosts virtual cooking parties for children. An instructor will lead the party and cover one or two recipes. Your guests will be giving the list of ingredients ahead of time. If you are close enough, you might want to deliver the box of supplies to your guests. A parent or caregiver must be present for the whole party to offer real-life cooking assistance.


Family Movie Night


Kids love to watch movies, and the occasion is even more special when it’s done as a family. Sometimes a family movie night is all a child needs to have a fantastic celebration. Be sure to pop some popcorn !  Check out Netflix Party to watch movies together with all your families and friends.  All you need is a Netflix account to get participate.


Throw a Dance Party


Put on some tunes and kick up your heels with your little one. Everyone likes to listen to their favorite songs and dance!  You could use your iTunes account, Spotify, Amazon Music. Freeze dance is always a hit (even on Zoom). If you have the Let’s Dance Now game, you can stream it during the party. The birthday kid can dance and the guests can dance along as well. If you don’t have a game console, check out the website to sign up for an account. All you need is a computer and the smartphone Just Dance Now App.


Superhero Theme


Everyone attending the virtual party can dress up like a superhero or where your child’s favorite color. Make sure to go around the room and tell your favorite superhero power. Also, you can all sing for while holding up birthday wishes signs with your favorite superhero pose.


It’s Party Time!


Times are hard; a party can be just the ticket for you and your child to de-stress, relax, and get back to enjoying life! A birthday is the perfect excuse for a truly outstanding virtual themed party. So get to work with creating a memorable kids birthday party during social distancing. Happy birthday to your kiddo!



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