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Money Coaching

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Money Coaching Services

Budget Optimization Session – $325

90 minute session with email recap (plus a 30 minute value follow-up session)

You have big financial goals, you just aren’t sure how to make them work. That’s where I come in! Together I will help you take what you have , what you truly want, and create a roadmap with you on how to get there! During the value follow-up session we will evaluate what’s working and what’s not. We will tweak the plan to make sure that you are on track.


Single value session – $75 (first time clients only)

45 minute session with email recap

This is for the moms who just have one single problem that they want to tackle. Maybe it’s something you have been thinking about for awhile but you cannot get it out of your head. You are beginning to feel really overwhelmed but want someone neutral to chat with. You prefer not to be alone and want a side-kick to tackle this. Working together we can move through stress, push back, and challenging obstacles.  Together, I will help you step into a period of ease, so your life will be less daunting and your dream seems more doable.

3-month value sessions package  – $500

Three – 60 minute monthly sessions with email recap and priority access weekdays

You are a mom on a mission. You are ready to change yourself from the inside out first for yourself and then for your family. You want results and you ARE NOT afraid to shout this to the world. There’s just one problem, you don’t know where to begin. You read articles and self-books, basically anything that you can get your hands on yet you haven’t put together the pieces yet. Change is really hard but with guidance, support, strategy, a plan, and the right tools… there will be no stopping you! You will be resilient, even in time of chaos. Let’s create that new vision of what you want, the one that’s truly in your heart.

Email recaps

After our call, I will message you a short email that includes the topics we discussed, actionable steps, and some ideas to reflect on. You can keep this in a folder so you can measure and see the progress that you are making throughout the process.

Priority access (up to 30 minutes in between the sessions)

If you have any questions during our sessions (life happens, right?!), you can send me an email or message me on Instagram for a voice response.  This is ideal for when you need those moments of encouragement or quick guidance before your next session.

**Email coaching – $75 – one time fee (2-3 longer emails or 30 minutes of voice messages via Instagram per month during your 3-month package)

This is for the mom who needs a little more guidance than the 30 minutes per month priority access. You have thoughts and questions and you want to bounce them off of someone.

**This can only be purchased with the 3-month package and not separately.

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