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You Are Who You Befriend

August 25, 2018

By Yvonne Wallace Did you know that the people you surround yourself with can determine your mood? Let’s think about this a little bit more. What if we’re surrounded by people who talk about their problems over and over again? They complain 95% of the time, kind of like emotional vampires – sucking out your positive energy until you feel drained. Or maybe you surround yourself…

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Does Media Influence Your Self-Worth?

August 23, 2018

by MK Vernon It’s so easy to get sucked into the image trap. On social media we are constantly bombarded by pictures of perfect family photos, everyone’s most flattering profile picture, loving messages to spouses, homemade kids crafts and perfect lessons plans. It’s the highlight reel of our friends’ and acquaintances’ lives. It’s easy to start feeling down about yourself if you are constantly subjected…

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Hello Mamas!

August 21, 2018

by MK Vernon This first article has been many months, and really years, in the making. Yvonne and I first met a few years ago in the hip Clarendon area of Arlington, VA and let me tell you –she was like something out of the cool show. This mama was rocking the most amazing hair I had ever seen and I could tell she was…

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