State Of The Business: November 2018

State Of The Business: November 2018

November 1, 2018

state of the business november
Let’s just say that being a mom and trying to run a business and maintain important relationships and stay true to values and stay sane in the midst of it all is crazy hard sometimes! Well, that’s what October has taught us. Phew! But, the good news is we’ve survived. And we’re really excited about what is coming our way in the months to come. Plus, we have some good stuff in the works for you!

So, let’s go ahead and re-cap October:

-Our traffic increased! We had 136 sessions, 336 pageviews, and our average visit lasted 2 minutes and 25 seconds. Woohoo, progress!

-We also started building our mailing list in exchange for our Mompowered Morning freebie. We had five new subscribers and look forward to building our list over the next few months.

-We concluded our Money Chats series. In case you missed it, here are our articles:

Money Chats: Money Mindset For Moms

Money Chats: What Does Financial Independence Look Like For Moms?

Money Chats For Moms: Understanding Our Net Worth

Money Chats For Moms: When It’s Time To Make Money

-We signed up for FinCon 2019, an amazing conference in September of next year for those in the financial media space. While we don’t plan to be a 100% financially focused business, money management will remain a core part of our mission. Without proper financial health, we mamas can’t get to that self-actualized version of the person we all strive to be. At FinCon, we plan to stay true to our roots – personal development involves many areas of our lives, but we will glean as much financial knowledge as we can in September!

-We took a mini course on Instagram strategy and trends… more to come via our Insta presence soon!

-We started our Facebook page (courtesy of the awesome Crystal Wilson) and plan to build it out over the next month. Expect lots of good stuff there soon as well!

-We created more free printables like this awesome net worth calculation worksheet and this job brainstorming worksheet for mamas who are considering going back to work.

-We dug deeper into affiliate marketing and are working to determine which affiliates would be a good match for our audience.

What’s coming up for November?

-We’re building out a social media marketing calendar to keep track of our campaign schedule.

-We’re starting to fine tune our course offerings and some exciting new workbooks. On the very last day of October, we had a major breakthrough for a signature course offering. We’re excited to start building it out in the months to come. But for next month, look out for an awesome course for mamas who are ready to go back to work!

-Strategy, strategy, strategy. What is working? What isn’t? How can we get more mamas to land on our site and say, “Heck yeah! These are my people. They totally get me!!” How can we get these mamas to sign up for our mailing list because they want even more? These are the questions we’ll be focusing on.

And now for our November mantra of the month…

The obstacle is the way. So often in our lives we are faced with seemingly impossible problems. We don’t know how to work through them. We don’t know how to work around them. All we really want is for them to just go away. But instead of taking the easy route and just running away, our plan is to tackle these problems head on. In life and in our business. If something is clearly not working, then instead of ignoring it and focusing on the work that needs to get done, we’ll pull back a bit, assess, and regroup. How could we approach this differently? What are we not seeing? Is there another way? How can we keep going without ignoring the issue? Let us know if you’ve ever used this mantra and how it worked for you.

Wishing you all the best in motherhood and life!



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