State Of The Business: Q1 Review

State Of The Business: Q1 Review

April 1, 2019

Hello Amazing Mamas! It’s been a while since we’ve caught you up on our business happenings. Now that Q1 is officially behind us, we thought we would do just that in a quick review. So here goes…

Our Q1 Business Review:

-In Q1 we started working on our Pinterest long-term strategy with groups, SEO tactics, and implementing strategies that make old articles and pins come back to life.

-We started posting on Instagram stories and took a short course about videos on IG. We will be implementing some new strategies to our page within the next month or two, so stay tuned!

-We officially filed our first tax return. Oye! We became legit in December and note to self (and all the future biz owners out there) if you can wait until January 1st to file for an LLC and all the biz permits, things will go a bit smoother. Business taxes are a ton harder than personal taxes. So spare yourself the hassle by setting up shop in January and saving yourself a tax year.

-We continue to post articles consistently and aim to post between 2-3 times a month.

-We have a new affiliate, Best Self Journal! This is a great fit and Von has used this every day for the last 8 weeks. It has been amazing and brought her tons of added productivity.

Now For A Quick Personal Update From Von:

-In Q1, I dissolved my travel and virtual assistant business to work strictly for MPL (yay!) and a company that specializes in teaching kids financial literacy.

-Also, I became OBSESSED with virtual co-working. Talk about accountability and productivity. Virtual co-working is awesome for both.

Now For A Quick Personal Update From MK:

-In Q1, I started expanding my writing skills beyond nonfiction. Starting at the end of January, I began planning a historical fiction novel and am looking forward to researching and writing it over the next year (or two. You know, kids.)

-My husband and I have also been going through the downsizing process with our parents. It’s been a big job cleaning out thirty years of possessions. If there is one word of wisdom it is this. Minimalism. Yes, practice it people. Your children will thank you!

What’s Coming Up In Q2?

-We’re excited to start offering webinars! Topics we plan to cover are, “How to Effectively Use Social Media” as well as some fun “Mom Chats.” These will cover various topics near and dear to mama’s hearts.

-We also plan to expand our marketing efforts beyond just social media.

-We are looking forward to implementing our first giveaway for Mother’s Day.

-We hope to engage more with the Fincon community.

-We look forward to mailing our first newsletter to our list.

We sincerely hope your Q1 was fabulous. Did you stick to your goals? What have you accomplished so far this year? Let us know!

Wishing you a wonderful Q2!


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