State Of The Business: Sept 2018

State Of The Business: Sept 2018

September 2, 2018

Well, it’s official. Mompowered Life has launched! While we are definitely in our infancy as a business, Yvonne and I are so excited about what the future holds for us. And for you, too! We thought it would be fun to start a State Of The Business report to document our journey… our trials, our triumphs, things we are working on, and things we are learning as we go. Because truth be told, this is a huge learning curve for both of us.

Hopefully our journey will help those of you who are interested in entering entrepreneurship, as well. And hopefully when you see us fall on our faces here and there, it will help you be less afraid ­čśë For the record, we totally plan to get back up and keep trying. As MK’s yoga teacher says, “What is perfect anyways? Nothing. Because it doesn’t exist.”

That being said, let’s recount the month of August:

Mompowered Life launched, hooray! Yvonne worked hard to get our hosting and WordPress template installed and functioning. MK spent much of her time making the site look pretty (though admittedly, it still needs work).

-Yvonne registered our social media handles and started to work on strategy. Check out her work on Pinterest!

-MK loaded several new articles onto the site. They focused on emotional well-being, relationships, and personal finance. More to come soon!

-We discussed strategy – where we want the business to go, what products we would like to offer to our awesome mamas, what types of article content we want to focus on.

-We registered with Amazon Affiliates. While we don’t expect to see a big return initially, we hope that overtime this will turn into a nice revenue stream for our business. You know, so we can make a living while we pursue this passion of ours ­čśë

-MK said a bittersweet goodbye to her very first entrepreneurial baby, Moms Can Lift Too, LLC. She will always have fond memories of working with some amazing mamas to help them feel awesome, strong and confident in their own skin. But now, she is ready to dedicate 100% of her entrepreneurial energy to building Mompowered Life.

Yvonne moved! She’s aligning her vision of a Mompowered Life with a smaller condo (less to take care of) and a new adventure right in the heart of DC! See ya suburbs. This city mama, her husband, and their mini-sidekick can’t wait to walk more, drive less, and explore all that DC has to offer.

What’s Ahead For September?

More articles! We want to try out different things and see what resonates best with our audience. Plus have some fun in the process.

More strategy discussions. We would like to make progress toward finalizing our first product offering. Exciting stuff to come!

Building relationships. We hope to make some incredible friendships along this journey while simultaneously learning as much as possible from those who have come before us.

Sprucing up the site. We know this is version 1.0, but we have some work to do with aesthetics. Like take a real profile picture!!

Grow our social media presence. We want to engage with as many mamas as possible, who will find our content helpful.

Get our first comment. We hope to start hearing from some of our readers. Your thoughts and feedback are fundamental in helping us tailor content to your needs.

And that’s it! Look for our next State Of The Business update in October. We can’t wait to make more progress in our start-up phase and start engaging with more of our readers. Thank you for being one of them.

MK and Yvonne

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