Travel Hacking: Ultimate Guide to Credit Card Rewards

Travel Hacking: Ultimate Guide to Credit Card Rewards

August 10, 2019

When I used to teach people how to start travel hacking, some of the most common questions I received from my clients were, “How do I get started in travel hacking?” and “What is a simple way to do so?”  Here’s the ultimate guide to using credit card rewards so you can travel on the cheap.

Living in America can be super expensive. And then you add kids to the mix… OYE!

The average price of raising a child in America (according to a US Today article) – a staggering $233,610!  When you’re spending this much for your child, it’s difficult to save anything for your next vacation.

On a more positive note, you’re at least 7 – 8 months out from your trip, you can easily travel hack your way to a totally affordable vacation through your credit card points.

If you’re planning on spending the money on your wedding anyways, why not reward yourself in the process?  One of the simplest ways to do so is through paying for goods and services with a rewards credit card.  As you spend money, you’ll be earning points or cash back, helping you save towards that vacation without even trying.

This is known as travel hacking.

How to Choose the Right Rewards Credit Card for You

With so many options out there for you to choose from, there really is no one right credit card for everyone.

So, which credit card is right for you?

Your best choice of a rewards credit card depends on a few key factors:

It’s very important to recognize that every strategy will differ from one person to the next and what may have worked perfectly for your best friend or sister may not work for you.

Creative abstract business travel and tourism concept: air tickets or boarding pass, passports, touchscreen smartphone with online airline tickets booking or reservation internet application, magnetic compass, credit cards and pen on world geographic map atlas with selective focus effect travel hacking

The No-Brainer Rewards Card

One card that is perfect for nearly everyone is one with no annual fees – after all, why pay even more?

The Chase Freedom card is the perfect example, with an amazing $150 cash-back bonus if you spend $500 within the first three months of signing up.

People – that is grocery money! 

It is so simple to spend this amount in the first few months, making this card a no-brainer must-have for anyone with a family.

Another cool aspect of this card is the versatility – each quarter of the year a new category is selected for 5 points on the dollar with cash-back up to $1,500 spent in this category.

So one month it could be 5 times the points at your favorite restaurant and another it could be on your favorite warehouse stores, such as Costco.

Close Up Of Mother Pushing Daughter In Supermarket Cart travel hacking credit card rewardsIf you’re going to be shopping at these locations anyways, why not reward yourself for it?

Now, some may argue that it would be difficult to spend that much money, particularly in one category, if you’re already on a budget or have tons of expenses for having a family.

However, I disagree.

For example – take quarter Q4, in which your bonuses will be at big box retailers such as Target or Walmart.

Now, if you’re in the process of running a household you can easily obtain necessary items from these stores such as toilet tissue, cleaning supplies, diapers, and you know the list never ends!

However, there’s another way to maximize your points and use this category bonus to your advantage – you can buy gift cards at these stores for totally different retailers, like Amazon or Macy’s.

This is gold, ya’ll!

You can spend up to $1,500 in this category for cash back and GIFT CARDS COUNT.

So you can buy your holiday gifts from Amazon and maximize your points in the process for your next vacation!  This seems like a total no-brainer to get started today.

family traveling travel hacking credit cards

Just remember – make sure that you understand what travel hacking is before you start and that you pay off your cards every month.  And happy shopping!

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