Understanding Who We Are At Our Core

Understanding Who We Are At Our Core

August 31, 2018

by Yvonne Wallace

We all play different roles in life.

Mother. Daughter. Friend. Sister. Breadwinner. Caretaker. Volunteer. Cool and collected. Overwhelmed mom. Sometimes we need to play multiple roles at once, especially when out in public with our kids or at a family gathering. But the real question is, who are we at our core? Do you know who you are? Do you even want to know 😉 Most likely, the answer is yes.

Humans are complex. The combination of varied emotions, different life stages, and external stressors can confuse the heck out of us when it comes to figuring out who we truly are. In coaching school, I learned something that helped me streamline my understanding of myself.

Essentially, we can think of our life as a house. Every house needs a strong foundation. And that strong foundation is a solid understanding of who we are and how we function as an individual. There are three distinct components that allow us to build this strong foundation. Let’s call them the “What,” “Who,” and “How.” In other words, your body, spirit, and mind. Let’s explore these three components in more detail.

What: What is what people see when you walk outside and show yourself to the world. Your hair, your face, your clothes, your expression, your demeanor, your mannerisms, your actions. Think of it as a first impression. (The body)

Who: Who is who you are as an individual. Your personal awareness. Your unique identity built upon your likes, dislikes, and the energy you exude when connecting with others or engaging in an activity. All changes you make ALWAYS begin with the Who. (The spirit)

How: How is the key factor in behavior – when we decide to take action, it is how we implement that action. How we get things done. How we become the way we are. This is also where personal growth happens — where we create new behaviors and begin new skills. (The mind)

A simple equation (or another way of looking at this) is: who + how = what

Who we truly are plus how we do things is what we present to the world in every role that we play.

Everyone’s core will look different just like MK’s and mine does. What’s important to remember is that we can always enhance ourselves by continuously allowing our “who” to say yes to change and growth, while simultaneously working on “how” we implement that change.

What growth have you invited into your life recently? How did it affect who you are as an individual? Did others notice a change in your demeanor or actions after you implemented the change? Let us know in the comments!

Yvonne and MK

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